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Tweak improvements - Painting a soft selection
08-12-2017, 02:29 AM
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Tweak improvements - Painting a soft selection
Hi guys

I really wanted to listen to a few users before go forward on this stuff...

I've felling like Tweak magnet was not cover some options we see in other 3D applications (usually called Soft Selection), so I decided to try include some extra options to it.

In this video I show some differences between the use of the current options and the ones available with paint mode:

The concept of the soft selection here is similar to the usual Tweak magnet command, after we paint the selection and apply one of the Tweak's commands the selection goes on. We can use Undo if necessary and the selection will be back.
The video doesn't show the 'Select from weight map' option, but you can use it by assigning a greyscale image to any portion of the mesh (UV mapping) and by selecting that area you just run the command.

It was added the follow options related to the soft selection painting tool:
  • Paint: paints a soft selection using the magnet brush selected and the magnets route strategy;
  • Paint from selection: paints a soft selection using as source any regular selection existent;
  • Paint from weight map: paints a soft selection using as source a greyscale or a coloured weight map (red->blu) uvmapped to a selection;
  • Erase: the paint mode is switched to erase and any soft selection will be erased using the magnet brush setting as it works for paint mode;
  • Clear paint selection: clear any soft selection painted;
  • Magnets->Route strategy:
    • Shortdist: the default Tweak's route mode and it must be the preferred one;
    • Surface: this option allow us to paint only one continuous surface when we have other surfaces of the same object close to that one and we don't want it to be painted. As it requires more complex validations it spends more time. So, it's not recommended we keep it the default option if we are working with a high resolution mesh.

The Paint option
  • isn't available in Body selection mode;
  • is disbled and any soft selection is cleaned if Magnet or Tweak is turned off;
  • Paint and Erase command can be 'hotkeyed' as the other Normal, Scale, Slide... commands;
  • takes in account any Magnet Lock we have set;

Know issue:
- For a unknow reason, in Vertex mode we cannot see the painted vertices (the selection can blink sometimes), but if we change to edge or face mode we can see them.

Here is the file for download: wings_tweak.beam for Wings3D 2.1.5
It should be found in a place like this: C:\Program Files\wings3d_2.1.5\lib\wings-2.1.5\ebin

* Don't forget to backup the original file before replace it (but, do not leave it under Wings3D directory)

Obs: After we ending the discussion about this feature it still will need to be approved by dgud.

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